Young Lyxx is all about "legal trappin'" on "G$LMP D$TRCT"

Over the last few years, Young Lyxx has made a name for himself on the Atlanta music scene, heavily influenced by the city's sounds after having moved there to attend Clark Atlanta University. But with his latest project, G$LMP D$TRCT, he wanted to pay homage to his home city of San Diego and set the tone for his run on the west coast.

REVOLT sat down with the rapper, and got a tour of his recording studio, to talk Atlanta's hustle vibe, the inspiration behind his designed merch line, why Gucci Mane is the Jay Z of Atlanta, his creative crew, and G$LMP D$TRCT's standout tracks.

On how Atlanta prepared him as an artist:

Atlanta's just a different hustle, man. You got a million artists a day, a million photographers a day, a million, like, just creative kids that are just trying to be in the entertainment industry every second.

So just knowing that is always gonna keep you on your heels. I out-hustle a lot of these rappers. I mean, a lot of these dudes be doing illegal and stuff like that, and that's cool, no knock, but I'm all about this legal trapping. So I got the merch line, we out-hustling them with the merch. I'm putting out new product every week.

On the tracks that best represent him:

It would have to be "How We Made It," "In My Shoes ," "In The Hills " — because that was like a reflection song of, like, my first London-L.A.-partying in the hills and that whole crazy experience — "Getting Paid ," and I'd probably say "No Time" because it really has that Atlanta bounce to it and it's really just, 'I don't have time for the f—k shit.'"

Listen to G$LMP D$TRCT below.

Written By Chris Roy for Revolt.Tv

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